It makes a lot of sense that emie nathan recently opened for Lewis Capaldi because she’s got an innate ability of making us sob uncontrollably. Like a master puppeteer she pulls at our heartstrings with the utmost precision, taking control of our emotions as she takes us on a journey that ends with a cathartic experience that requires a box of tissues beside you at all times. She’s already amassed a loyal following who’ve used her music to soundtrack their late night crying sessions and today I can see them adding a new one to their collection. Albeit one which involves them singing their hearts out rather than crying it out.

Depicting the breaking point of what was once an unbreakable bond between two friends, good thing shows us the ending where both friends decide to call it a day. Representing the build up of emotion, the single starts off quite with an acoustic guitar gently plucking before a myriad of emphatic synths enter the fray to amplify the emotion to new heights. We then enter the cacophony of madness that is the chorus, a shining eruption of emotion where all the frustrations, sadness and pain are unleashed in an ebullition of grand proportions with her evocative vocal being the highlight. All before slowly fading out as emie is left with the ramifications of what this feud has caused and the loss of a friend.

good thing depicts the breaking point of a very good friendship and the agonising moment where we decided to call it a day and I moved home-truthfully it felt like a breakup. What it came down to, was a difference in perspective over what we both needed from that space. We were at cross-purposes, trying to be as respectful as possible but hurting each other in the process looking for comfort in a stressful and confined string of winter months during Covid living together. Simply put, it wasn’t how I think either of us wanted it to be. I’d like to think that good thing encapsulates the maturity behind the decision to leave the apartment & the support we had for one another in our next steps, but to me it also speaks to the sadder undertones of losing an element of friendship and things feeling forever changed.