If you took the timeless vocals of Minnie Riperton, the passionate delivery of Amy Winehouse and the raw edge of Halsey during her Badlands era, you’d have the astounding songstress Emmy Meli. 21-year-old singer-songwriter-advocate from New York doesn’t masquerade her feelings, her honest and forthright lyrics contain her deepest thoughts that she fervidly performs to a captivated fanbase who find immense solace within these powerful musings. I AM WOMAN is no different, from the offset we hear one of Meli’s morning mantras opening the track and instantly letting us know we’re in for an empowering and downright mesmerising piece of music. It’s an inspiring single where every note is filled to the brim with evocative passion, her honey-drizzled vocal with an uncut edge highlights every lyric so that it’s message is carved into your mind so you can never forget. Elegant, divine, powerful, strong, expressive, there are so many words you can use to describe this euphonic single so I’ll just say that Emmy Meli is a name I’m certain we’ll all soon been more than just acquainted with.

Speaking about the track Meli said, “I wrote this song for my inner child, hoping to make her proud of who she’s become. I never imagined she’d end up inspiring millions of women everywhere.” With this track, there’s not doubt in mine, or anyone else’s mind for that matter of fact, who’ll disagree with anything she’s said there. A true star in the making.