Produced by Anthony Lopardo, Enrose’s newest song, “Tattoo,” blends the talents of  Kit Benz, Gabi Rose, Jake Navarro, to create a captivating musical journey. Drawing from Pop R&B and Chill Pop influences, the track weaves themes of resilience, vulnerability, self-discovery, and affection into a rich musical experience that truly enchants listeners.

When opening up about the inspiration behind the track, Enrose’s mastermind, Gabi, reveals that their songwriting focuses on meaningful topics close to the band’s heart, including self-expression, courage, self-care, and love, as evident in their lyrics:

All of the regrets and temperaments/ Give it to me I want all of it/ Need a little something cute to match my mood/ I feel brand new/ All I got is gray and black and white/ Gotta roll the color into my life/ Feel a little reckless might regret this soon.”

The band values their live shows as much as their songwriting. Each member has a strong passion for performing live, which is how they first got into music. The feeling of having an audience sing along, dance, and share in the joy of the moment is unmatched. Gabi hopes their music can provide this transformative experience to their audience.

Enrose’s dedication to breaking societal taboos and empowering women goes beyond their successful releases. Their mission serves as a platform to challenge norms and promote fearless self-expression. While they push artistic boundaries, their music strongly connects with diverse listeners, fostering a sense of freedom and unity. With songs like “Tattoo,” they aim to mirror personal growth, empowerment, and the journey toward limitless creativity.

Listen to “Tattoo” here: