The most famous thing to come from Bournemouth is their Premier League football team, but it looks like that will change in the not too distant future with the trio Fake A Smile. The band’s sound is an infectious blast of sun bleached indie driven by woozy vocals and crunching guitars, reminiscent of something you’d likely see in an arthouse coming of age movie from A24. I wouldn’t be surprised to see their latest single pop up in a CW show in the next few weeks with how addictive it is.

Prom Dress, nothing to do with actual proms, is about living in the moment, ignoring the past, and embracing every moment you’re alive on this earth. The message is strong but never feels cliched, with the whimsical mid-tempo production providing a contemplative backing for the introspective lyrics. They don’t tell you to stay in the moment for everything however, they let you know that reflection is good and can help you expand as a person, but it’s for those little life moments where it might be good to turn your brain off to experience some much needed joy.

“We wanted to create a body of work that introduced listeners to our core sound. Prom Dress came together after a conversation we had about staying present and not getting too hung up on the past. We worked with producer Gianluca Buccellati (Arlo Parks, Biig Piig, White China) in LA to refine our sound and solidify what we wanted to say as a band”