Representing Northwest London is Feux, a multi-faceted artist with strong ties to the city’s underground rap scene. Helping to lay the groundwork for his upcoming album Opal Blues, the rapper/singer recently debuted the official music video for the project’s lead single, “Nights”. 

Following a hit of some Opal OG, Feux is tossed into a series of dreamlike events – all of which are melodically narrated by the London rapper. Anchored in the spirit of taking it slow, and persisting through life’s hurdles, “Nights” is a prominent addition to Feux’s already strengthened catalog. He effortlessly switches from fine-carved verses to an infectious hook, pacing himself perfectly atop this ethereal instrumental. As is the case with much of his discography, the beat was ultimately a group effort, with JP Rose, Max Mantra, and Nat helping to recreate the vision originally held by Feux. Executed to true perfection, the artistic output here is of high merit. 

The music video for “Nights” was directed by LAUZZA, an enigmatic figure within London’s underground rap scene. He’s quickly become the go-to videographer for many bubbling creatives in the city, working most notably with pinkpantheress on her video for “just for me”. His highlight reel is the best source for what’s hot in London music right now, and is a great place to start of you’re interested in listening to the sounds of this part of the world. His collaboration with Feux on “Nights” is the latest reinforcement of this. If you like what you’re hearing, then be sure to keep Feux’s upcoming album on your radar.