Most artist’s ideology has changed during lockdown, with many musicians sonic values starting in one direction and then completely flipping to the other side in a sensational twist. Others however have used it as an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, see another side to their personality and ability to self-express they wouldn’t of been able to do otherwise, and that’s what lead to the sound Finches has developed today. He uses his unflinchingly honest bedroom pop sound as way to explore his own masculinity, resulting in a more authentic look into his own vulnerability and showing a more fragile side to himself that had previously gone unnoticed in Simp Song. The lo-fi production, reminiscent of Rex Orange County, brings you into his headspace as his raw vocal and upfront lyrics show his pain of wanting to be loved in a relationship that is entirely one-sided. You feel his pain, you feel the emotion he pours into every word and, most important of all, you understand his suffering. Simple yet elegant, this lucid sonic experience is a spellbinding debut from this young up and comer.

Distinctive and pink, be sure to fall head over heels for Finches sound and discover the unique sound he’s developed for himself. You’ll soon be infatuated in this sonic relationship that is anything but one sided.