Country has been going through somewhat of a sonic shift over the past few years. Going from a genre with a formula that’s been crafted to a tee, to being an underground darling with countless artists following the path that Lil Nas X blazed and pushing the genre to its limits to create something fresh, invigorating and downright unskippable. One of those artists is the Virginian musician flowr who’s sound takes alternative rock, hyper pop electronics and subtle pop cues to create a spellbinding world that is completely his own. Today he’s taken that sound and given it a country twist that has ridiculously high replay value.

LONG WAY DOWN is utterly hypnotic. Opening with warped vocals over a brooding electronic section all before the twang of a country guitar is introduced, grabbing my attention in an instant as the plucking pattern weaves between the ominous electronics to form something utterly compelling. It’s like someone was DJing at a small indie club outside of Nashville and a bunch of Garth Brooks fans showed up mid set. If you’ve got a family who adore country but you’ve got an affinity with Hyper pop, then pop this on and see the family bond over a sensational track.