Living by their motto, the trio foxxdye are the new band that New England needs but doesn’t deserve. Comprised of lead singer Seth Mykel Marques (FKA The China Blue), drummer Jae Carrascal and guitarist Colin Peck, this ensemble position themselves as your personal, musical therapist. Using 80’s influenced guitars and thumping drums, they strike a balance between the dubiously joyous and morosely sardonic in their debut, change, as they retell the struggles of becoming an adult. This can often lead to a song feeling disingenuous and false, but through the diaristic lyrics, along with the sincere performance from Mykel, this whole piece feels as real as a documentary.

The joy and zeal they’ve all experience through their youth is expressed through the palpable production, only to be counteracted by the solemn storytelling of adulthood. They live in the in-between of still having the fervent energy to be as free and careless as they were in their adolescence, and beginning to develop responsibilities that weigh heavy on their shoulders like Atlas holding the sky. They’ve used their experience grappling with this age old transition, and turned it into an addictive pop single with a stupidly good hook you won’t be able to get out of your head.