If you’ve had the joy of listening to Fran Vasilić’s music then you’ll know about the sheer amounts of authenticity he brings to the table. The artist doesn’t hided behind a veil of mystery or pretend to masquerade as somebody he’s not, instead his honest brand of songwriting sees him express the hardships and lessons he’s learnt throughout his life. You connect with him and see him go from a talented to musician, to feeling like a close friend who you’re able to confide in as he spouts out an array of stories that offer all the advice you need to go through life with your head held high. He’s essentially a singer songwriter version of Mr Feeny.

Today we see him learn how to say no to people. Fearful of ruining potential opportunities the artist said yes to practically everything, until he realised how out of his control these things were and swiftly began saying no to protect himself. Maybe is the perfect blend of sweltering Rex Orange County like joy and truer than life lyrics, allowing us to lose ourselves within the utterly infectious groove and have leave with our heads held slightly higher with the confidence he gifts us. His genuine nature and charismatic vocal stylings are all we need to know he’s going to truly thrive this year.

“I didn’t want to straight-up decline and ruin potential career opportunities or ruin my relationships with people so I treated every one of these decisions as if they were life-or-death scenarios. And then at some point, I realized, as I wrote in the song “trains keep running, hearts keep breaking” that a lot of the things I spend hours thinking and writing about are fully out of my control so I cannot take responsibility for them. This song was the beginning of my journey of learning how to say ‘no’.”