I first heard Frankie Beetlestone back in 2021 where his single Sober Again caught my attention. Not only was there compellingly fascinating aura that surrounded his sound, but there was something so inherently British about his music that drew me in like a mouse to cheese. Since then he’s gone on to have some great success in the UK, even recently opening for Tom Grennan on tour and receiving rave reviews from his fans, just look on Twitter if you don’t believe me. He’s going from strength to strength and it’s been great to see him grow as an artist these past few years, and it looks like he’s hitting his stride with his latest soon to be stadium anthem.

Slowly Break My Heart is perfect for those who want to dance like nobodies watching and cry their eyes out at the same time. Ready made for a British coming of age movie, can already see this being in something like The Inbetweeners movie 3, the track has an uplifting energy from the onslaught of peppy guitar riffs and euphoric drums. However the defining factor of this single his Frankie’s own voice. His vocal charisma oozes into every orifice of this single, making the charm near irresistible with his playfully witty lyrics and wistful melodies providing the serotonin boost we’re all in desperate need of.

You just can’t help but love Frankie Beetlestone’s music. Whether you’re a first time listener, lifelong fan, or only seen him live once and wanted to know more, one listen is all it takes to get you hooked on the British wunderkind.