Franky is one of those artists you might not know but you’ve certainly heard her stamp on the music industry. From writing for artists from Icona Pop to Cheat Codes and being a guest DJ on KISS Fresh, she’s been a cog helping gargantuan pop acts keep all their wheels spinning. Over the past few years however she’s been stepping out into the spotlight, releasing infectious pop singles that would make Carly Rae Jepsen jealous with the sheer joy they contain and intoxicating hooks that wriggle their way into your head. In the UK’s pop scene there are countless artists attempting to make their pop seem ‘cool’ for lack of a better word, Franky is different because she’s not afraid to be a bit of an early 2000’s pop nostalgia trip. Making it a touch cheesy with an air of the Spice Girls too, her music makes you want to have fun.

PDA is no exception to this, from start to finish you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat in Wonderland. The buoyant beats have an early 80’s synth pop feel, they wouldn’t be out of place on a Cyndi Lauper record, as they energetically encourage you to get on your feet and dance like nobody in the world is watching. Her playful lyrics were made to sing into a hairbrush whilst putting on your own headlining concert and her sassy delivery fills the soundscape with unrivalled amounts of personality. Catchy, cheeky and undeniably Franky, add this to all your summer pop ready playlists.