Freddie Gibbs just has this special way of making me feeling like the smoothest, coldest criminal in a 40 block radius. He’s incredibly talented and versatile in his artistry. This song is definitely a G anthem with a party bounce to it.

CEO rabbit, young Freddie Kane, I’m on some boss shit (Yeah)
Big MAC-11, back of the seven on some boss shit (Brrat)
I put that President on my wrist and I got frostbit (Brrat)
Stack it like Pringles, you want a single? It’s gon’ cost you (Bitch)
Pull up to your funeral, man, shoot up your fuckin’ coffin (Brrt)

The video walks you to a music studio, then to garages full of nice whips and a room equipped with stripper poles and a pool table. It’s not what’s in the video but how it’s shown. I’m a fan of the cool-tone, almost desaturated color-grading that accompanies a grainy filter on the video. Dim red lighting also compliments the moody atmosphere of video. Freddie raps viciously as he totes blunts and beautiful weapons.