Spill Tab
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

GRUNGECAKE proudly values artists’ creativity and originality. It’s not often that you find a Los Angeles-based French Korean-American Alternative artist who is super beautiful and talented. Considering these strong values, it’s always a pleasure to hear and feature emerging artists, like Spill Tab, who share their unique talents. With a constantly growing fan base, Spill Tab releases a new single for her fans, ‘Sunburn’. The ‘Sunburn’ video, created in collaboration with Solomonophonic, is a telltale of every girl’s worse day, the day you don’t make it to your dream date because of an unforeseen unfortunate mishap.

It took me back to high school when I burned my forehead with a hot iron on Valentine’s Day. I was so frustrated and, of course, embarrassed! ‘Sunburn’ is Spill Tabs’ new single for 2022. You are not going to find this on her new EP, Bonnie. If you haven’t already, take a listen to Bonnie after watching ‘Sunburn’ and find Spill Tab in Europe this May at the Great Escape Festival.