Los Angeles based musician frogi has always had a knack for writing emotionally impactful and personal music with heart always being worn firmly on her sleeve. The poetic lyricisms she’s written over the years have struck a chord with music lovers across the globe as her angelic vocal and personal soundscape often makes it feel as if you’re sat in a room with her as she lays her heart bare for you. She’s got a distinctive sound that many have found a source of comfort in, her serene melodies make you feel at ease as her vocals take you to a whole new world. She’s a special talent and today she’s deliver her most personal track to date titled Dylan.

“This song took years to write,” she begins to explain. “I experienced a great loss when my boyfriend passed away when we were both only nineteen. It was on Halloween, 2012, and ever since that day I have not been the same person. I’ve written song after song about it but nothing felt like it was coming out in the way I wanted it to. I wrote this song about a year ago, and I finally felt like I was able to express what my grief has looked like over the years. The song is about carrying this weight inside you, and realizing that the person you have lost wants you to be free from it. The people we lose don’t want us to suffer. I’ve experienced so many profound moments over the years that have convinced me that he is still watching, or at least checking in on me now and again. This song was written after I experienced one of those moments while I was on the beach in Los Angeles. It was like I could hear him talking to me through the waves, and he was telling me to let go and enjoy my life. He was always a huge supporter of my music, and I thought it would be fitting to name this song after him. So, here is Dylan.”

If you’ve ever lost someone who you’ve loved then this track will hit hard. Every mournful melody, every beautiful synth and every time her celestial voice delivers a poetically placed lyric is done perfectly. The feeling of loss is felt through her storytelling where you feel like you’re there with her, all the years of her offering you comfort and this time she’s the one who needs comforting in a unique roll reversal. As the track plays you’ll soon find yourself reaching for the tissues in what is, in my mind, frogi’s most beautiful track to date.