Hailing from the vibrant tapestry of Washington D.C., Tylan isn’t your average R&B artist. Driven by raw experiences and an unwavering passion for storytelling through music, he’s an emerging force poised to leave his mark.

Growing up immersed in D.C.’s rich cultural scene, Tylan‘s musical foundation was laid early. Inspired by his great-grandmother, Mary Jefferson – a pioneer in the city’s blues scene – his artistic journey began in church choirs and blossomed further at Howard University’s summer theatre camps. These early experiences ignited a passion for performance and set him on a path towards a musical future.

By middle school, Tylan‘s talent was undeniable. Captivating audiences with his vocals and earning the title of “Most Likely to Be an R&B Singer,” he embraced his musical calling whole-heartedly. Despite academic and athletic achievements, his dedication to music remained unwavering, a demonstration of his multifaceted talents.

Leadership roles across various aspects of his life have shaped Tylan‘s approach to music. Emphasizing communication, teamwork, and empathy, he fosters an environment where creativity flourishes and collaborations thrive. This translates into his music, where authenticity reigns supreme.

Rejecting imitation for genuine self-expression, Tylan connects with audiences on a deep level. Inspired by artists like Usher, Brent Faiyaz, and Drake, he admires their commitment to real storytelling and musical innovation. His own desire to collaborate with them stems from a shared passion for pushing boundaries and creating music that resonates.

Tylan’s advice to aspiring artists is simple: stay true to yourself. Encourage authenticity and self-expression, and create music that reflects your unique journey, regardless of the challenges. His latest track, “Won’t Get It…,” exemplifies this philosophy.

“Won’t Get It…” is a deeply personal exploration of overcoming challenges and embracing vulnerability. Through introspective lyrics and emotive melodies, he unveils his story with courage, inviting listeners on a journey of self-discovery alongside him.

The song’s chorus, “Some might do drugs / some might do clubs / mistreating love / but I can’t judge / who can I trust? / who can we trust? / who can I trust? / when trust ain’t enough,” reflects a world where understanding someone else’s perspective is paramount.

Tylan recognizes the temptation to judge, but advocates for empathy instead. The line, “Til they walk a mile in your shoes,” underscores this message. True understanding comes from shared experiences, and judgment fades when we take the time to connect.

As Tylan continues to evolve as an artist, one thing remains constant: his dedication to creating music that speaks from the heart. “Won’t Get It…” is proof of this commitment, a song that resonates with audiences and leaves an undeniable mark on the R&B landscape. This is an artist to watch, a voice poised to inspire and connect for years to come.

Play “Won’t Get It…” below: