Despite his artist name being funeral, every time he drops a track I rise from the dead after ascending to heaven because, let’s be honest, nothing is more holy than when he drops. The hyperpop artist has consistently blessed our ears with the grace of his sound to the point where I’m convinced he simply can’t miss, he just hits home runs like a prime Babe Ruth that has fans enraptured by each drop. The downside is no exception to this. With a beat that makes you experience what floating on air feels like, an electronically distorted vocal that buoyantly commands your attention with the emotion on display and diary entry like lyrics, it becomes clear it’s another standout single. I’m slowly becoming accustomed to having funeral on repeat for weeks on end whenever he drops a piece of music and, judging by the reaction from his cult like fanbase, I’m not the only person who’s experiencing this.

Whilst most funerals will put you in a mourning mood filled with a morse energy, this one fills you with jubilation and excitement with every track he unleashes. Dive into his discography and see the thrilling soundscape for yourself.