Championing the “grimehall” style of music that fuses UK Grime, with dancehall and hip hop, today we premiere “Energy”, the new single by Fyah Roiall from his upcoming album “Underrated” available for pre-order via Easy Star Records.

“So one day I was thinking about some of my haters – specifically other artists who don’t really f”ck with me – and I was just genuinely wondering what is it about me?
Like I had to ask myself, what don’t you like about me? Cause even if you hate me your still gonna move when I’m on stage soo…
After medz-ing that for a bit, it became clear to me that it was my ‘energy’.
Like what I say in the song…..
“Dem a wonder what’s the secret
Energy energy energy
Cyaa kill or conceal it”
Energy just is…. I just am…. My energy cannot be killed, replicated nor concealed.You can’t copy Fyah Roiall or destroy me either.”