As a way to pay respect and to strive for justice for George Floyd, G Premacy drops his new single, “Bullies In Blue”, hitting on the points of social injustice by police, especially by the crooked ones.  Hailing from Troy, NY and currently residing in Buffalo, G Premacy is bringing awareness to the current situation with Hip Hop that resonates today.

“These disturbed individuals are both systematically, and chaotically killing our people. This goes against ALL police brutality. The things happening around our country in 2020 are disgusting and childish (make sure you know what I’m focused on before you jump in the comments speaking arrogantly). There are right ways to perform a job, there are wrong ways to perform a job. There are right ways to HIRE for a job, and wrong ways. Until we make it known that WE ARE NOT EXPENDABLE ANIMALS, they will not put emphasis and focus on proper field procedures and hiring measure.”