Amidst a myriad of artists dropping tracks every month, never stopping releasing, and trying to capture any amount of attention they can in the hectic landscape of algorithmic music, Gaff has taken a different approach. The wunderkind paused his release schedule to develop a soundscape distinct to only himself, he knew good things take time but he decided that greatness would take a little longer. Two years have gone by since his last release, with his cult fanbase foaming at the mouth for fresh music to dive into and their prayers have finally been answered today.

Destined for greatness, Right Here Waiting is something you’d expect to see in a gritty HBO drama about teenagers breaking out of a private school to start selling drugs on the side. The grunge driven guitars awaken something deep inside, finding the joy in life from our encounters with new experiences and seeking discomfort. Then the dynamic switch up happens, going to a more somber sound that brings the mood down to realise the harsh realities of the world, before the grand finale where the symphony of distorted guitars return. We’ve been waiting for Gaff’s return, and if a century had gone by before he dropped this track it still would’ve been worth the wait.