Few artists in the past 2-3 years have truly excited me, as Ghais Guevara has over the past year. For nearly three years, he has managed to craft 6 projects that have slowly cemented him as one of the most unique voices in the hip-hop underground. When diving into his discography, you are hit with humorous and fun song titles that instantly tell you his political leanings with titles like Patrisse Cullors Stole My Lunch Money, or Personally I Wouldn’t have Released John McCain. Don’t let the fun song names fool you because Guevara’s music is full of incredibly potent, raw, and intelligent commentary on socioeconomics, politics, and the experience of existing as black person through incredibly witty and quotable lyrics, with a bold attitude, backed by some of the most fun, inspired, addictive sampling in the rap game right now.

This is on full display in his 2021 project, BlackBolshevik, and his 2022 project, There Will be No Super-Slave. This trend of infectious, fun, potent, politically based raps continues on Guevara’s newest project, Job Not Finished Pack. This project truly feels like a small victory lap for him throughout the 4 song EP, which is earned after the phenomenal year he had in 2022. This project keeps up his trend of offering chaotic, high-energy tracks with Bestie, his distinct soulful Rnb-based samples with the track Hans Neiman, but also giving us some of his slickest tracks yet with James Harden and Takeout, where he glides with flow over some of the smoothest beats he has given us so far. 

Overall this is just another phenomenal project and the perfect send-off for a truly outstanding year for Guevara, as well as acting as proof that Ghais Guevara will continue to kill the game going into 2023. If this is your first time getting into Ghais, this ep is the perfect jumping-on place, and I am beyond thrilled to see what Ghais Guevara will give us in 2023.