On the first of the month, Dzodze-native artist EDEM released the official video for his track ‘Are You Mad’ featuring fellow Ghanaian artist Kelvyn Boy from Foso. When the video starts, viewers see a beautiful beachfront property with a pool. An orange Maserati enters the next frame, and the performance shots with EDEM and Kelvyn, who dons three pearl necklaces, begin. Next, EDEM gazes at the two women walking past him in the expensive car. He approaches the one with the long hair and appears to want to give her money, but he takes it back. Based on the progression of the storyline and the lyrics at that part of the song, we don’t know what made him do that, but it happened. Perhaps, one day, EDEM can explain it further. Until then, check out the Kofigo and Jeneral Jay-direction below.