This is a flow of unfiltered thoughts that has ended up being one of the most honest, raw and perpetually thought provoking singles dropped in 2022. Ghosthands doesn’t waste a second of your time in day by day, he makes sure every lyric has the ability to pierce your heart with the unreal amount of evocative emotion that’s on display through them. It’s not a structured piece of lyrical thoughts and that’s a good thing. It doesn’t feel fake or disingenuous, it feels more like you’re sitting down in a therapy session and allowing him to ravel off all of the thoughts he’s been bottling up that’s lead to him creating this honest piece of songwriting. The spaced out atmosphere of the soundscape adds to this further, with a subtle echo effect giving off the idea of loneliness where you’re empty in space with only your voice for company in the perpetual never-ending abyss. Genuinely, this is such a raw piece of music that it’s hard not to find a piece of yourself with his musings.

Ghosthands has always been an honest musician. You can through his whole back catalogue and see that he’s never been afraid to get his views across and use his music as a journal for his emotions. But this single is something else entirely and might be his best track to date in my eyes.