There’s a certain euphoria I get when 21-year-old Minneapolis native, GOM, drops a new song. It’s somewhat unexplainable. Every record brings something new and unique to the table. You can tell he takes all creative control over his work, writing, producing, and mixing all of his discography himself. GOM is here to break down boundaries set in front of him, a sentiment that rings true on his new release Don’t Mind.

I’d heard this song teased a few times over his socials, every time I would the video over and over hardly comprehending the sonic perfection I had just listened to. This track has to be my favorite drop by him thus far. Funny enough, it only took a single day to create according to the artist. Full of vocal chops, the vocal delivery, mix, and production seem to intertwine and work alongside each other seamlessly to conjure the end result: an unskippable record. The lyrics tell the tale of GOM being willing to give up pretty much anything to appease the wishes of someone who could care less about him. He embodies the message that love, while renowned as a beautiful thing, isn’t always pretty, and can be equally as damaging as it is rare.