Coming in at just under five and half minutes, GORESET has pulled off what can only be described as the impossible with 14 out of this world talents in the hyperpop community all coming together for one outstanding single. This is genuinely like the Avengers of hyperpop, or at least the equivalent of a newly formed K-POP supergroup for this new burgeoning community of musicians. 14 people from across the globe have come together to produce one of the best songs of the year so far and, to top it all off, not one person misses their mark. Each artist in im done (caport) goes hard and delivers a verse that makes you want to bump it in your car on repeat and jam out no matter who is watching without a care in the world, genuinely everyone went CRAZY on this. Then you’ve got the production which elevates it all to a new level, elegantly flipping like a coin between different styles to compliment each individual artist and make this a collaborative dream song.

Each artist here; vaeo, yaki, rouri404, cybertrash, Bhertuy, tsuyunoshi, captain morg, 4cf, k0a, YDKM, Dylan Longworth, maxiim, sudbath and polar have done something incredible. We might only be a couple of months into the year but this is a strong contender for song of the year.