Honest, forthright, real and expressive, all these words perfectly describe the Chicago native GR3G evocative sound. Filled with poetic lyrics portraying his life through a raw lens not sparing any details to give us a false narrative, he makes sure you see the highs and lows that make his life what it is and Cause N Effect is a testament to this. Being an incredibly emotional single we see GR3G go for a more stripped back production of spaced out beats to create an ambient setting, allowing his fervent display of candid lyrics to pierce through your heart like a sharpened blade, instantly leaving an impact on you. This debut packs an almighty emotional punch, you merely become a puppet as GR3G masterfully pulls your strings to make you feel as if you’re living through his experiences and becoming apart of his story. He certainly has a knack for storytelling and will undoubtably continue to demonstrate this as his songwriting prowess grows and unleashes new music for us to behold as the year goes on.