Grace Davies marks her first sonic entry into 2022 not with a bang but with a hauntingly beautiful howl that pierces through the contemporary pop soundscape and makes her sound something you immediately take notice of. Past releases have showcased this with her flipping between poignant pop ballads that make you weak at the knees, and thumping anthems that launch crowds into a frenzy as they belt the lyrics back at her with unrivalled passion. Her impeccable talent has always been on full display and her live performances have been a treat for all to behold. Her all encompassing musical ability continues to grow with her latest drop Wolves.

A rip roaring anthem, it showcases her weaknesses through her poetically inclined lyrics but it swiftly becomes a power anthem thanks to the power-punching production featuring a stomping rhythm that’s hard to ignore. She belts about owning her mistakes, taking her past issues and using them as ammunition to power herself through life. She keeps these lessons in the back of her mind and pulls them out whenever she needs, using the pulsating production to exemplify this as her vocal empowers you to keep moving forward and pushing through. Give Davies a stadium and she’ll have them in the palm of her hand, belting out this track word for word.

This is about owning your mistakes and using them as ammunition to power through life. ‘You can run, you can hide, but you need to find your way through the fire’. It’s a power anthem about recovering after a world of shit was thrown at you and believing that if you can get through that then you’re invincible and can get through anything. Having lived with this song for five years, I was excited to get stuck into the production as I’d always had a strong vision for the track”.