I’m sorry but if you haven’t already been listening to greek before you stumbled upon this article, what are you even doing? The 20-year-old self-produced artist from Virginia creates incredible sonic worlds with every track he releases. As you trek through his discography, his entirely unique sound is sure to leave you speechless. Today I cover arguably his best release yet, karma.

Everything about this song is astounding, from production to the vocals and lyrics. The track shows once again greek does not care to be boxed in by any genre. The verses of the song lie in the realm of R&B, but the minute you hit the chorus that all changes… you’re now lost in a world of distorted synth lines and house drums with his signature heavily side-chained kick. The songwriting touches on the idea of karma, and how each decision you make comes with a positive or negative outcome that relays back to you in the end. greek tells this tale with his all-original vocal melodies and tones, full of pitch & formant shifting. With consistency, and the ability to make releases like these that simply blow a listener out of the water, I believe greek could be the most underrated artist out right now.

If you’re a greek lover like me, good news! You can catch him live with Weston Estate on their tour during early 2022.