Cast your mind back to some of the most memorable nights of your life. Music pulsated around you and reverberated through your body as you lost yourself to the rhythm whilst the alcohol flowed, surrounded by your friends and the good times don’t look like they’re ever going to stop. The entirety of these nights are incredibly special to many of us, showing how one moment can fill you up with so much serotonin that, even today, just thinking about it can bring a smile to your face. That’s why HalfNoise, otherwise known as Zac Farro, wrote Two of Us, a track designed to capture the special atmosphere that surrounds nights like these where two people, be it friends, strangers or lovers, can create memories that last a lifetime. One listen and the nostalgia will take you away in the blink of an eye.

It’s a timeless sound, the funky bassline gives you a nostalgic flashback to the early 70’s with the magical keys bringing us into a contemporary soundscape, along with the lush string section, whilst the intoxicating melodies warmly take us by the hand and guide us through a smorgasbord of our own vibrant memories. There’s even a saxophone solo that comes in and gives Careless Whisper a run for its money. Then you’ve got the lyrics which tie it all together with the jubilation they offer, bringing a smile to your face and letting the good vibes find their way into your body. HalfNoise are creating a big buzz.

“‘Two Of Us’ is a song for the lovers, friends, strangers and everyone else that just doesn’t want a good night to end,” Zac explains. “I wanted to emphasise how special an entire night, a memory or a moment can be with just two people, hence “It’s just the two of us, dancing all night. From saxophone to the percussion – to the gang vocals to the strings arrangement – I wanted this recording to feel like a bullet train of energy from start to finish.”