Halo Kitsch has this sense of grandeur to her music that is best linked backed to iconic musicians like Florence Welch with her emphatic vocal carrying a emotion punch that hits like the final blow in a prize winning fight from Tyson Fury and her production only amplifying that further. Her previous release f l a w l e s s was a stunning affair that showcased everything great about this LA based musician, she told a story that has an unrivalled elegant to it that complimented the high life people often envision LA to have whilst simultaneously exposing the lows the city often brings to people following their dreams. From that track alone it was a surprise to hear that she wasn’t already a global star but as she releases more music it’s becoming evidently more clear she’s destined for it.

Do You Feel Like A Sinner Yet explores the aftermath of a universally toxic relationship in which Kitsch dissects the damage done by both parties on one another. The funereal production allows the passionate vocals to detail the sorrows both sides of the relationship went through during their time together as the piece timidly builds up to a grand climax where we’re launched into a frenzied affair of explosive fervent emotion that symbolises the volatile end this couple had. Halo Kitsch, she’s an artist who’s vocal takes you places you never thought you’d go and who’s music allows you to escape from the world.