The Liverpudlian grime scene has been hidden under the radar for sometime now. You rarely see a scouser leap out into the spotlight and become the next big name that’s practically on everyones lips for being an MC, but the 17 year old wunderkind Hazey is doing just that right now. His verse on a Hardest U18s Cypher track went viral on Tik Tok, immediately garnering attention for his clever wordplay as he threw together an array of ingenious football themed puns and dynamic flow that caught me, and countless others, off guard. Now, a few weeks later, that singular freestyle has now been released a full track and the hype surrounding this artist is only going to grow as a result.

Packs and Potions is a breath of fresh air in the UK’s grime scene. It’s a new perspective that I’ve been blasting on repeat since it dropped, memorising every tiny detail that’s gone into the creative lyrical waxing and getting heavily invested within Spherobeatz’s addictive production. This is one of those tracks I can easily see becoming a piece of British football culture. In a few years time, play this at any Liverpudlian football pub and you’ll see fans, old and young, bouncing along, beers in hand, screaming every single word of it.