It’s a modern-day “fuck bitches, get money” anthem.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

This week, Maryland-native rapper Kelow LaTesha released a piped-up single called ‘He Ain’t Mine’ featuring the controversial female rapper Asian Doll. Over the Industrial Hip-Hop beat, the gifted American women detail what they can get out of the opposite sex (in the Dallas native’s case) without exclusivity as they maintain their fame and wealth independent of male dominance. It’s a modern-day “fuck bitches, get money” anthem.

If you like to listen to songs where the ladies are handling themselves on wax, check out the Suicideyear-produced record below.

Recently, Kelow LaTesha shared her ‘On the Radar’ freestyle performance, and the green-haired artist raps about not stopping anyone from achieving their goals or becoming successful because she’s in competition with herself over Playboi Carti’s ‘Flatbed’ instrumental. Other things she covers are potentially getting flown out to Mexico by a sexy Nigerian babe, developing new habits, and being fresh to death.