Besides his modelling career for the likes of Saint Laurent, Celine and many more, Hugo Hamlet stands out from amongst the crowd with his non-conventional, catchy and downright addictive pop tunes. He’s basically an alien, his words not mine, and managed to create weirdly intoxicating pop tunes and also putting on one hell of a show with his fantasy show involving private jets, pink dresses, Lamborghinis and freshly squeezed orange juice. Today he’s raised the bar yet again on the quirky scale as he writes a love song, not to his girlfriend, but to a car.

“I wrote this song with my girlfriend who thought it was so funny that the first love song I would be releasing would be about a Lamborghini and not her, we wanted to trick everyone into thinking it was a love song in the first verse,” Hugo Hamlet begins to explain. “I Think Lamborghinis are totally beautiful and stealth and like a super hero if a super hero was a car. I feel like they don’t get nearly enough praise, well they do but not enough in my opinion, they should be the only car on the roads, they are so beautiful and I love them to bits. This is my love song!”

Despite the amusing subject matter Lambo Lambo is an absolute bop as well as carefree anthem that doesn’t take itself too seriously and offers nothing but good times. The shimmering production mixed with his deep vocals and playful lyrics allows for this to be the perfect karaoke song with your friend or even something to blast through your speakers whilst driving your car down the motorway without a care in the world. He’s energetic, unique, buoyant and a good time for all involved, dive into the track now, you won’t regret it.