I.M the artist has never been afraid to be authentically herself, she has no filter which has lead to her emotive brand of brooding alternative R&B with neo-soul flourishes to deliver stories that focus upon every detail of the human condition, the good, the bad and the ugly, she isn’t afraid to explore it all. This allows her music to never falter in making instant connections with all those whom listen, no matter what angle she goes in at she manages to take us along for the ride through her raw and personal lyrics that closely resembles reading a diary.

You is her latest release and, as expected, is a mesmerising affair that allows the smokey tones of her vocals to take centre stage with the haunting production of somber piano melodies and clashing synths backing her every step of the way. She freely expresses herself through the passionately poignant lyricisms as the track slowly builds up to show the multidimensional sound she offers us before ending in a glorious climax that is the cherry on top for this hauntingly enchanting track. Her goal has always been for people to feel her music and make a connection, all we can say is she is more than achieving that goal with every release.