Illusions Hills and Buppy. have both impressed us in the past with their dynamic musicianship and ability to craft fascinating soundscapes filled with character, making their music become as familiar as a family member in our lives. Both have been pushing their genres respectively, taking influences from a wide variety of media to create something that’s unique to them. That ideology is taken to the extreme today with their latest release being five minutes of consistent gymnastic styled genre flipping that will leave you mesmerised and fascinated by their musicality.

Opening with Buppy. lucid vocals setting the scene for the narrative wonder we’re about to bare witness to in genesis. The heartbreak transcends onto as we’re knocked back by the pain portrayed, then the production slowly builds as Illusion Hills arrive into the fray and turn this into a get back up again anthem. Booming beats encourage us to rise to the occasion like Rocky Balboa, knowing we might not fully there yet but what’s important is beginning the process again. Finally we get the melancholia ending, allowing us to feel the true tragic nature of this heartbreak and how much damage is can leave. The ambient setting with a calming echoed vocal perfectly representing the space of something that’s been taken away from you in this moment. Sublime from both artists.