by Jack Timberlake

INFINITES is an Alternative Emo Hip-Hop Artist based in Adelaide, Australia.

Throughout our time on Earth we will love many people and tend to say the word ‘forever’. INFINITIES is a true believer that forever never dies, though we move on from people we don’t move on from memories.

INFINITIES encapsulates having multiple loves at different periods of time that will love on forever, for infinity, in this case – sonically.

Since February 2022, INFINITIES has released their first 3 singles, gaining national and international traction across press, radio, spotify and tik-tok. With over 1,000 playlist adds and over 150,000 streams in just a handful of months INFINITIES is already playing sold out shows and wooing a crowd.

Imagine living 8 minutes from the person who broke your heart, I don’t have to imagine – says INFINITIES.

“I drive past the block of an old flame on the way to my office almost every single day, at the start of the heartbreak it was exhausting me mentally because it’s the same route I would drive with this specific person, I always just thought to myself f^ck why do you have to live 8 minutes away from me. ‘8 MINUTES’ was born from exploring those feelings of heartbreak from a situationship.”

music video by Jack Timberlake co-directed by Bianca Nilsson

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