Earlier this year we praised the bedroom pop artist internetboy on his debut I HATE THE INTERNET EP. It showcased the distinct, quirky and left leaning sound the artist has been developing since his early releases back in 2017 and it doesn’t look like his multifaceted sound is going to stop expanding anytime soon. I’d best describe his sound as a Saturday morning cartoon brought to life but within a more alternative setting with his buoyant production melting into his vibrant melodies and charisma filled vocal performance. He’s a distinct musician who’s managed to breath new life into the bedroom pop genre through his own charming flair.

Bubb1e Gum is his latest release that showcases his sound in this wonderful setting. Distorted synths create a spaced out atmosphere with deep bass beats adding another layer to the textured soundscape as his Rex Orange County-esque vocals gently glide over it all with a buoyant grace that makes the piece all the more charming. It’s a fluctuating track that is a testament to the unique yet all encompassing sound that internetboy has created and has us excited for what’s going to come next from this rising artist.