Yesterday, Hip-Hop’s most modest star J Cole released the official video for ‘Heaven’s EP’, which had the internet going nuts! Within the lines, he talks about why he hides his family from the public (“pimping their kids out for views and just to be in the news”), questioning if money watered him down, getting cut from the junior varsity team, shunning the concept of celebrity (“I piss in the celebrity tea”) and more. Further into the record, he talks about Black men going to jail at least once, intelligent people who grow up harshly, where he lies in the top three rapper debate (Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and him), and being at peace. Watch the 2:55 minute video below, shot in Las Vegas in front of the Flamingo and on a private jet with sleeping staff members. It has 2.2 million views, and it is #1 on YouTube’s Trending without a significant push.