Hailing from the choppy shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts is Jack Karowak – a creative sensation whose discography has grown with immense strength over the last several years. Following a pair of album releases, a move to Los Angeles, and a continuous string of late nights at the studio, Karowak returns to the psyche of his fans with an official music video for his new single, “Out For Delivery”

Featuring more than two minutes of uninterrupted raps, a hard-hitting instrumental, and some horror-themed visuals, this release is certainly one of Karowak’s finest pieces of work. Involving himself in every step of the process, Karowak plays the role of both rapper and director on this release. Helping to bring his vision to life is cinematographer, and longtime friend, Xandros, who assisted Karowak with executing his vision. The pair have worked alongside one another in the past, however “Out For Delivery” is the first video where Karowak has been at the helm of the director’s process, truly giving fans a glimpse into his ever-evolving creative world. Karowak has been a lifelong fan of horror films, and these influences can be seen throughout the entirety of this music video, making it one of the more personal releases of his to date. If this is your first time hearing of Jack Karowak, then you’re surely in for a treat.