Combining high octane electronics with a zestful exuberance, expressively raw vocals that pierce through the distorted world and addictive melodies that get into your head, jaco8gale’s music is an enigma you’ll struggle to fit into a box. They pushes back against dated genre conventions to deliver a tantalising sonic experience that showcases their songwriting prowess, be it tearjerkers or ones you want to scream at the top of your lungs. However there’s one instrument they’ve been wanting to get into a song for years now, the iconic ukulele which dominated the YouTube music space during the early 2010s. After years of trying they felt their moment had finally arrived, looking down at their Twenty One Pilots tattoo they got when they were 17 they realised that they’d finally struck gold.

Does it feel good when u f ppl over starts off exactly how you’d expect, a few cheery ukulele riffs clashing with their angst filled vocal forming a dynamic juxtaposition in the process whilst being reminiscent of House of Gold. Then the production kicks in and we see the dynamic flair they’ve become renowned for be injected straight into the vein of this song. Oscillating beats enter the fray, evolving gradually throughout to explore the enthralling portrait they paint through their introspective lyrics. Through a kaleidoscopic lens you see the joy radiating from the production, the pain they evoke through their voice and the unfiltered thoughts trickling down from their lyrics. Jaco8gale defies classification and destroys all expectations.