If you’re a fan of 90’s R&B slow jams but want something with a bit more of a heavy bass and undeniable passion then Jeida Woods is someone who you need on your radar. Effortlessly nailing the late night ominous romance style that has been popularised by The Weeknd, Woods injects his own personal flair into the sound through his silky smooth vocals, addictive basslines and subtle gospel flourishes that make his music so distinctly unique. He just dropped an EP full of these mesmerising songs titled HIVE but one track stood out to me and has been on repeat ever since it came out.

SKIN is R&B music at it’s finest, Woods has managed to hit that sweet spot where it’s both baby making music and something you can envision being played on the radio on a global scale. The sensual tones of his vocal mixed with the sultry production of luscious beats and the lyrics that make you feel all hot and steamy under the collar come together in a swirling sensual affair that could’ve come straight off the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. If you dig this then dive into the EP ASAP, it’s filled with tracks like this and is a pure pleasure to listen to.