The aftermath of a breakup will often lead to a tonne of ice cream being eaten, binge watching copious amounts of cheesy movies and more than a few tears being shed in the safety of your bedroom. However once that initial phase has been done people go through a transformation, gone is the person who let this relationship control them and in their place comes a new human being who’s ready to take on the world. Case in point, Jenna Raine who went through a tumultuous break up and decided it was time for her to focus on improving herself. Leading to her writing Not Again.

This is one of those singles that’s perfect for your revitalisation. You rise from the ashes like a phoenix, brighter than before with a new burning desire to go out and show the world what you’re made of, all whilst ignoring the ignorant ex who wasted their time with you. Charisma is shown throughout the track with Raine not being afraid to add her own personality and inflections into the performance, giving off the feeling of listening to a best friend venting to you after the ex tried to message them again. A damn well effective pop single that will soon be added to countless break up playlists.