Opening with a tender ukulele melody with a whimsical feel that’s reminiscent of early 2010’s YouTube background music and ambient piano keys, Joey Knight creates a beautifully intimate affair that is sonic embodiment of the phrase, “if you love something let it go,” but from a more unique perspective. In hindsight he looks back his time with this person and realises his mistakes, not holding them close enough, listening to their dreams during late night conversations and sweeping them off their feet in La La Land like fashion. He looks back at all this through let u go, knowing that without him around his ex will still be fine, but he can’t help thinking about the what ifs and how they might’ve changed their journey. Even when his heart has been broken he knows he let them go and whilst that might be a good thing for them, he’s left wishing they could still be lonely despite knowing they need someone too but it all just feels so soon.

Capturing this tender moment on introspective thought was a difficult undertaking but Knight has made it seem easy. His whisper like vocal raises the intimacy up a level, giving it the feel of someone performing at a local bar where you’re the sole attendee and he’s pouring his soul out only to you. Keeping eye contact and letting you peer into his soul and see the emotional torment he is currently undertaking. Wistful yet intimate, melancholic yet jubilant, raw yet polish, let u go is certainly an outstanding debut from this rising artist.