Jony Shelby’s discography is an artist gently holding our hand through his own journey of self discovery, exploration, and demolishing thoughts about the past by idyllically looking into the future. It’s a sonic scrapbook of his evolution, starting in 2018 and landing here all the way in 2023. Previously his musings had a shield around them, something to protect himself from deepening his story and sharing parts of himself he wishes to keep to himself in this sonic space. Lately though he’s been throwing caution to the wind, writing more intimate details about his life, resonating with listeners on a personal level, and transforming his sound into something breathtaking.

Pulling the curtain back on the inner workings of his mind, lately is an evocative single filled with passion that introduces us to Shelby’s new era. The catharsis his honey drizzled voice offers is divine, washing away our individualistic anxieties that he shares with us as if it were our own personal therapy session. The piece is mosaic of his mind with the production offering us brief insight into different segments of his head. Transitioning like an Oscar winning movie, the energy shifts as we go through his divergent thoughts that leads to us seeing a fully composed rendition of what he sees himself as.

You can feel the pain that went into Shelby creating this piece, but as the saying goes, ‘art is the only way of expressing pain.’