We’re both discovering Jordan Dean at the same time! I can’t say I was familiar with his music until this latest single “Walk Me Home”. The song hit me instantly I knew I needed to share this one. After taking a deep dive into his catalog I quickly realized how consistent he’s been with putting out quality tracks. I think Jordan definitely knows his sound and if he keeps honing in on it he’ll be bigger than ever before you know it! I have to recommend his track “Drunk” as well, but let’s get into the new stuff. 

This latest single “Walk Me Home” is such a good vibe, I wanted to sing along before I knew the words. The production of the track and the rawness of his voice almost give the feeling of an echo like you really could be singing along in the same room as him. It’s incredibly catchy and it reminds me of something you’d put on to drive around your hometown with all your friends in the car. Without a doubt, I could yell these lyrics with the windows down. 

Jordan has such a fun alternative rock sound with a hint of indie-pop. You can hear influences from bands like Arctic Monkeys or Kings of Leon but the subject matter of the music is incredibly current and speaks to people who’ve grown up in the same decade as him. The song has a way of evoking a memory even though you’re only just hearing it for the first time. The sense of nostalgia in the way he’s singing and the instrumentation bring me back to a specific time. 

Needless to say, whether or not you’ve become a fan I certainly am one. I hope you check out Jordan’s new music and of course, keep digging through all his releases. I haven’t been this excited about an artist in a little while I can’t wait to see where Jordan’s career goes next. Start following along now to stay a few steps ahead!