Drill vs Grime. An age old debate that’s been going on in both the UK’s underground scene, and fans of the genres across the world as a whole. The complexities of both genres have never been missed on me, both having an aura around them that the other hasn’t, discussing subject matter in different ways, flexible production styles, and an intelligence to their craft that should be admired. If you’ve ever wondered what a nuanced single that was a collaboration between the two sounds would sound like, well look no further than was JORDS and produced today in collaboration with Lil Sykes.

This is a statement song. It’s a statement of hunger, intent, power, and everything these two genres represent within the UK music scene. The greatness of this single is expressed through the lyrics, both artists ebbing and flowing between each other and delivering hit after hit that leaves you reeling. Rapid fire moments come flying towards you, you don’t know how to react to them all but each time you’re realising just how insane this collaboration is. The production elevates it even further, especially through a beat switch up that gets you punching the air with excitement.

Even the music video is a statement piece. The black and white cinematography with a crackling edge highlights both artists passion for this sound. Their faces light up with when they arrive on screen and you can bare witness to their frenzied passion. Top quality single from two top quality musicians.