Nostalgia right now is looked at as something good, we often use the word to describe moments or things within our life that have us reminiscing over fonder times, however the more painful experiences that nostalgia can bring up aren’t often discussed as poignantly as Jovan Perez has done in his latest single. The 19 year old songwriter/producer based in New York has already received praise from the likes of Billie Eilish, Meghan Trainor and JP Saxe for his YouTube cover videos but it’s his original songs that take his artistry up to a whole new level.

Feel Again channels the inner emotion that Perez has been known for when performing but evokes a new underlying passion within his storytelling that makes the ingeniously crafted lyricisms strike harder with the bittersweet elegance they carry. He looks back upon the glory days and the joy they bring him before realising the unfortunately sadness they bring along with them, the unfortunate downside of looking back to some of the happiest times of your life that he shows perfectly.

Speaking about the track Perez said, “Feel Again is about being stuck in a state of reminiscing about the past. The subject experiences a mixture of nostalgia and pain, because the good memories are also tied to the realisation that those times have ended. The song’s verses mention the glory days that the subject wishes they could revisit, and on the chorus the tone changes to feelings of pain and betrayal tied to why their life has fallen short of expectations. Let this song serve as a reminder that these feelings are normal, and to try to find happiness and purpose in the present you’ve been gifted with.”