The young Latina artist Judith isn’t afraid to go where others won’t, even with her cover art where she is getting a skull tattoo, she is being intentionally rebellious and raising her own middle finger to the stigmatisation of tattooed women in Mexico and the Mexican diaspora. She carries an empowering message wherever her expressive melodies take her, encouraging others to follow the trail she’s blazed and give people a cause worth fighting for. Be it through authentic lyrics that give us a glimpse of her world view, distinctly charming vocal with a punchy edge or even her elevated soundscape that taps into her rich, vibrant Mexican-Honduran culture, she is readying a battle cry for thousands to hear. She’s a rebel with a cause and today we’re getting the first page of her manifesto.

Examining the track from a plethora of different angles, you’ll soon realise how merry go doesn’t have one sole message, instead allowing you find your own meaning from the narrative she weaves. Depending on your experience, the merry go round she delicately croons about with her charismatic vocal can be applied to all manner of things. Being in a relationship where it all feels the same, a day job where you do the same monotonous tasks on a daily basis and even deeper areas like being trapped in a life where nothing excites you and you’re trapped in an endless loop. She knows exactly what she’s doing here and, as a result, will make an instant connection the second your hear her authentic lyric sung by her evocative vocal. A true talent, this is just the beginning of Judith’s journey where I’m sure we’ll get to see her rebellious spirit take flight.