Sometimes the best things in life come in pairs. Simon & Garfunkel, Outkast, The White Stripes, The Carpenters and a whole plethora of other artists. For the music world today though it comes comes in with young musician Justend, who’s creative songwriting is refreshingly inviting yet still maintaining a wondrous level of unique melodic enchantment, and a producer like Joe Aste who’s able to bring his sonic vision to life. The pair met whilst studying at NYU and have formed a partnership that’s seen a new side of Justend’s world emerge as his sonic landscape is elevated to dizzying heights. They dropped a track recently titled blue lung which showcases their powerhouse talents with ease, but it’s their previous drop last summer that I’ve found to be utterly intoxicating.

This track is sublime. It’s a fine balancing act, being able to retain an emotional sentiment through his open and honest lyrics whilst still maintaining a vibe filled production that allows you to lose yourself in the bliss induced. That’s what I adore this, if you focus solely on the lyrics you’re in for an emotional rollercoaster that brings you into his mindset, going through the mental toll he’s undertaken at a predominantly rich white private school whilst being an indigenous/black coming from a poorer background. However if you focus solely on the production then you’re in for a vibe filled experience that’s akin to what it would feel like at an underground indie party. This pair have got that special flair.