Today Justin Hughes hasn’t just bounced back, he’s leaped, bounded and vaulted over the competition with his new single. The young musician, who’s just turned 18, has been releasing music for the past few years now, dropping his debut single back in 2020 and consistently honing his sonic talents ever since. However the one thing he’s always been stellar at is lyrical ingenuity. He’s consistently been able to write lyrics that give a deeper insight into the inner workings of his mind, pulling back the curtain to reveal the undulating thoughts consistently running through his mind. Today is no different with his new track Bounce Back featuring some of his most introspective lyrics to date.

As mentioned, his lyrics are top quality but this phrase, “Don’t do confrontation / I’ll just write another song / yeah If I’m too up front / I think that you’d just write it off,” is easily the most raw and real. It strikes a chord deep within yourself that will leave you contemplating it for weeks on end, relating it to moments of your life where you wish you were more upfront, instead of taking a backseat in your own life. Then we’ve got the production from Elijah Law who perfectly compliments this lyrics journey. He allows big moments of grandeur and quiet moments of somber reflection to oscillate between each to allow the emotion space to breathe, all whilst giving the production plenty of chances to shine. England has a gem with this artist.