Since delivering her dreamy EP Sweet Asl. back in 2016, KAINA has remained in stride – continuing an ever-winding flow of beautiful, self-empowering songs. Her discography is full of elegance, as each forthcoming piece of work eases the ear of anyone who’s lucky enough to listen to her tender singing voice. The Chicago native’s Guatemalan and Venezuelan roots are heavily entwined in her art, something which helps to craft an entryway toward KAINA’s truest self with each new release. This concept of self is what lays directly at the core of her latest single, “Apple”, specifically within the lens of finding solace in one’s own skin.

Helping to carve “Apple” into completion was KAINA’s longtime friend and collaborator, Sen Morimoto, who assisted her with the songwriting and production. The whimsical, airy nature of instrumentation that’s present serves as a vessel for KAINA’s important, heartfelt message of self-love. At times, we become our own biggest obstacle, and learning to both recognize and grow past this is vital to finding inner peace. This battle against self-sabotage was something that strongly influenced the inception of “Apple”.

Accompanying this song’s release is the official music video, which was brought to life by the team at Weird Life Films. Recreating KAINA’s bandmates as puppets, she joins them in song as they reflect on the beauty that lies within an apple. Cementing the themes of this song with true precision, “Apple” marks the beginning of what looks to be a significant one for KAINA’s musical journey.

If you are liking what you hear, then be sure to keep your eyes peeled for KAINA’s upcoming album, which is set to drop in the very near future. Additionally, head over to her Instagram to see if your city is on her 2022 tour, as the Chicagoan will be bringing her talents across both North America and Europe.